Beamer Gets Adopted (Again)

We adopted Beamer last weekend! Ryan and I had made the decision a few weeks prior when we heard that Beamer was going to be returned to Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. Although he had not yet met Beamer, Ryan welcomed with open arms the blind dog wonder that he’d already heard so much about.

A lot of things led up to the decision to return Beamer and our decision to adopt him – but more about that later. Right now, I just want to share what Beamer has been up to during the first few days of his new life…

Saturday – Beamer met his new Dad

Ryan & Beamer meet

02/16/13 LDCRF Adoption Event

 – Beamer was just as I remembered him: a lil rascal that gets into everything!

Beamer shopping

 – Beamer & Lucy relaxing like old pals

B & L

Monday – he was the first to jump in the car for the ride to Kansas City, Missouri!

Beamer Drive

– 18 hours later…

R & B

finally home!

Tuesday – It’s off to the vet, where Beamer got a clean bill of health

Vet Visit

Wednesday – Making themselves at home. Beamer always has to lean on someone.

Couch hog

Thursday – Beamer led the way on a jog through our first KC snow storm


To summarize Beamer’s fourth & final adoption – in Lucy, he has a familiar friend with a similar temperament; in Ryan, he has met his match in mischief & stubbornness; and in me, he has an advocate for life. We are looking forward to updating you on his adjustments to his new life!

Beamer's New Family

Beamer’s New Family


5 thoughts on “Beamer Gets Adopted (Again)

  1. I was reading your snow post (linked from Em @ Our Waldo Bungie) and I kept thinking Beamer looked so familiar — have met him SEVERAL times at LDR events! LOVE him and so thrilled he FINALLY found his forever family! Yay you!

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