No eyes? ‘Snow big deal!

Shortly after moving to Kansas City we experienced our first Midwestern snow storms. I hate the cold, and have lost my love of the snow as an adult, but I refused to let the snow storm blow us out of our new routine. So when the first storm hit, off we marched into the blistering cold with Beamer leading the way!

L & B Snow

Believe it or not, the blind dog wonder really did navigate our way through the snowy gusts. I could barely see a few feet in front of me and I found myself squinting the majority of the walk down the block. Poor Lucy had to shut her eyes to keep the snow out, but Beamer marched on ahead of us, unfazed by the limited visibility.

The majority of our hour long snow outing looked like this – human & dog-in-a-coat trudging along behind the confident strides of the fearless blind dog wonder. We eventually regrouped for a jog around the hill, but still, I just ran with my eyes closed. At one point, we ran into a fellow crazy dog person who was walking her snow-loving Labrador through the storm. Beamer greeted him and gave him a few play bows – the dogs’ owner completely unaware of Beamer’s blindness.

A couple of days later, with the snow still covering much of our walking route, Ryan and I took the dogs on another snow outing. This time I forgot my camera, but man did we have a blast! We ran the dogs up another big hill through nearly a foot of snow. Once far enough away from roads, we dropped the dogs’ leashes. We watched amazed, as Beamer followed the sounds of our footsteps crunching through the snow. Lucy chose the path of least resistance, through someone else’s tracks. Both dogs rolled in the snow, tracked scents through the fluff, and Lucy even tried playing “chase” with Beamer a few times.

If you saw us from a distance, you would never know that Beamer is blind. If anything, you would be more likely to ask what is wrong with my timid and unsure-of-everything Lucy before thinking twice about Beam. During one of the snow storms we passed two people on the street who commented on how the dogs were squinting to “see.” That is most folks though. Unless you get a good look at Beamer’s face, you would never know he doesn’t have any eyes.

Snow Bunny 1
Snow Bunny 2
Snow Bunny 3

Snow Bunny 4


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