Keeping Pace

The other day I went jogging with Lucy and Beamer for the first time ever! In the past when I fostered Beamer, we used to jog together, but never with other dogs. Beamer has a bit of a skip in his step when we jog, and even I have a hard time keeping up with him sometimes. But this week we randomly started jogging down our usual walking route and all three of us managed to keep pace with each other.

This is big news because it just shows how accepting Lucy is being towards Beamer. Bringing Beamer into our daily routine has changed everything from walks to playtime to meals. Beamer is a pushy guy who loves to plow through life, and he bumps into Lucy so deliberately that I imagine he would do the same even if he had eyes. Lucy withdrew the first few weeks and would flash me the stinkeye when he would knock into her. But the good news is that she is coming around again and learning to live with his very forward personality.

I wish I had pictures of us jogging together, and maybe I will get Ryan on this over the weekend. I have to admit that Ryan started jogging with Beamer weeks ago. Really, it is more like brief sprints during our long outings together. But the two of them fall into step so easily. They are like two sidekicks. And their latest adventures include climbing steep ridges and occasionally leaving the girls in their dust! I am okay with that because it’s all in good fun. At the end of the day, we’re all keeping pace with each other.

Lucy in the Dust


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