Kind of a Turd

When I wrote about Beamer’s adoption, I said that Beamer has met his match in stubbornness and mischief in Ryan. When Ryan read the post, he emailed me “Come on, I’m not that bad!” But I was spot on when I said that. Beamer and Ryan are like two peas in pod.

When I realized that Beamer connected with Ryan better than he connects with me, I thought this brotherly bond would make for a great post. But looking through my photos and reflecting back on our everyday, I realize that there are far too many moments to share in one post. We have already had so many funny and sometimes frustrating moments, that I can’t share just one.

One of my favorite moments happened in the first week after we brought Beamer home. Going off of what he had seen in a video, Ryan went with me to Petsmart to adopt our new dog. Two days later, we moved to Kansas City, and three days later I asked Ryan what he thought of Beamer…

Ryan’s answer: “He is kind of a turd and that’s why I like him.” Beamer won Ryan over so quickly because Ryan, admittedly, can be kind of a turd. Both boys are stubborn, bullish, and mischievous at times. But they are also quietly kindhearted. Which makes for a heartwarming dynamic that has me constantly reaching for my camera.

Here are a few pics of some of their (not-so?) finer moments…

“I’m not poking you”

Sometimes I have to remind Ryan that Beamer is blind not deaf…

Sneaking up on him…

Monkey see, monkey do


One thought on “Kind of a Turd

  1. Turk and Daniel have always gotten along better than Turk gets along with me (Turk will always find Daniel to snuggle with him – even if I’m sitting right there too). It bothered me at first, but now I kind of adore their little bromance. Looks like Beamer and Ryan have quite the bromance themselves!

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