What’s in a Name?

I will admit it. I thought about changing Beamer’s name. I never really liked the name when I fostered him in the past because I thought it was strange. And I refused to call him what every one of his previous adopters called him – “Buddy” was just too generic and had all that bad juju attached to it. No, I wanted to give him a fresh start with a new name to match!

I pondered deep thoughts about all this. I even googled name meanings and had a running list going for a few days. Nothing really seemed to make sense for the dog I knew Beamer to be. That was until I remembered something that my friend Nancy told me back when I was fostering him. She explained that she liked the name Beamer because it suited his personality – after everything he had been through, he was still a dog that beamed happiness.

Nancy was definitely on to something. In terms of structure, beams are sturdy and provide support. In terms of energy, beams are rays of light, particularly complex and beautiful at the same time. For me, my dogs have always been a source of steadiness, and Beamer is particularly sure-footed. And as Nancy had pointed out, Beamer really does radiate an excitement about being alive that is so unique to dogs.


So, I want to know, what did you think about when naming your dog? If he/she is a rescue, did you change your dog’s name or keep the same one?


3 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I got both Boomer and Dottie as puppies so those are the only names they know. If they were older when I adopted them I would look at their names to see if they fit and if I think they needed the change to start a new life. In my opinion it’s kind of a case by case basis. And, I love the name Beamer!

  2. I love Beamer (dog and name)! Melvin was named by me. His rescue name was Riley, but to me he was a Melvin. Jakes name has been his name since he was a puppy. His rescue name was Holden but they knew his before name so I kept that. I’m hesitant to change it but I’m still considering…

  3. Nandy was an owner surrender so we kept her name to avoid confusion. Cricket was Victoria, which seemed to formal for a tiny puppy with long back legs. Doodle was originally Bella; shelter staff were apparently Twilight fans and they always seem to have a ‘Bella’ available 😉 Mr B was called Brinx….being deaf a name change wouldn’t affect him and the entire family liked the ‘mister’ aspect for a distinguished elderbull 🙂

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