It Runs in the Family

Beamer has a white swoosh-looking mark on his back. The day we brought Beamer home my dad said that the swoosh looked like the #7 (and of course referenced some soccer player). Ryan was quick to let him know that the swoosh was really a “V for VanSickle.”

This past weekend Beamer clarified exactly how much of a VanSickle he really is.

First, he spent the entire week waiting for Ryan to come home. He waited on the couch, he waited in the bedroom, he even waited by the front door a couple of times. I wasn’t sure if Beamer’s melancholy was a result of Ryan’s absence, until Ryan returned from his trip…

Then, Beamer would not cooperate during my attempt at an Easter pup photo shoot. I was excited for them to debut their festive bandanas. But much like his dad, Beamer was only comfortable being in the photo if he was ruining it. He refused to sit next to Lucy unless he could sit ON her. He wouldn’t pose next to her without slapping her in the face with his tail. And when he got bored, he wandered away from us while we were focused on getting shots of Lucy…

Later that day, Beamer was quick to make himself right at home when we visited the VanSickle Grandparents. Within minutes of arriving, he was begging for ham and potatoes from treat-dispensing Great Grandma. And after surprising everyone with his high-pitched bark, he claimed his spot in the living room…

Then he snuck onto the furniture…

Then he took over Grandpa VanSickle’s chair…

Whatever that swoosh on his back stands for, Beamer has decided that he is a VanSickle after all.


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