Spacially Challenged

In our pack, we affectionately refer to Beamer as “spacially challenged.” Soon after adoption we realized that Beamer needed to be close to us. The times when he lies solo on a dog bed are when we are clearly around (ie. tv on, conversation going) or when he’s chewing on an antler. Most of the time though, Beamer would prefer to be inside your personal bubble of space.

Beamer is entirely unapologetic about his invasion of your personal space. He regularly climbs onto laps, sits on top of Lucy, and becomes as stiff as a board if you try to persuade him otherwise. In his mind, his personal space bubble over laps with yours. Kind of like a Venn Diagram…

Except his bubble eventually engulfs your bubble…

Case in point:

It doesn’t matter that Lucy was sitting there first, or that Dad is busy on the computer. It certainly doesn’t matter if I’m studying or taking a nap.

Once he gets comfortable, he will groan and grumble if you disturb him. How dare you! Then at dinner or walk time, he follows me around so closely that I am constantly bumping into him. Or is he constantly bumping into me?

Blindness may have something to do with his need to always be touching someone. But blindness doesn’t stop him from snatching a bone right from under Lucy’s paw or jumping on me when he wants something. So, we have started to draw some lines with him because if you give him an inch, he will take a mile.

For the most part though, Beamer’s lack of spacial awareness is heartwarming and amusing. He is the worst Space Invader I have ever known. Still, I can’t help but smile when I stumble upon a literal pile of pups in our home…

And my personal favorite…


7 thoughts on “Spacially Challenged

  1. Funny as I’m trying to read your post an 8 month old pibble puppy is staring at me crying because I haven’t paid attention to her in 30 seconds 😉

    All 4 of my dogs are velcro to some degree. I finally gave up on bathroom privacy after they figured out how to open the door……

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