Update from Lucy!

Lucy here! Mama has been very busy “coordinating” things (whatever that means). So, I thought I’d hop on the blog and give you guys an update…

Not much has changed between Beamer and me. He still sits on me all the time, but I don’t mind it so much – especially on really cold days. And the days are still pretty cold, for me at least, because I don’t have a thick coat to keep me warm like Beamer does.

Did you know that it’s been raining a lot here? And that Beamer is a big baby about thunderstorms?! I don’t mind thunderstorms, but Beamer hates them! He panics when it thunders – even if we’re inside!

When the booming started today, he curled up on the floor under Mama’s desk because Dad wasn’t home. Then when it started booming again after dinner, Beamer climbed right on top of Dad and trembled in his arms. I wasn’t scared, so I sat on my favorite couch next to the window where I can watch Mama and the lightning at the same time.

Mama says its a good thing Beamer can’t see the lightning, but I wish he couldn’t smell the storms coming like he does. That’s when walking with him is no fun at all, because he gets so nervous that he walks in circles and drags me and Mama with him! Mama says that’s why she bought me a new harness.

Storm or no storm, Beamer still runs into me all the time. I’m sort of getting used to it. I know to watch him during walks so he doesn’t knock me over. And every now and then, Mama takes me out on “girls only” walks! And I’m not saying I don’t like walking with Beamer, but I like walks with just Mama the best…


5 thoughts on “Update from Lucy!

  1. They are so stinking cute!!!! Taking some Blog Girls to Lost Dog Cafe tomorrow and plan to talk about all the dogs I know that found homes from LDR, including the Beamster!

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