Big Fuss, Little Fuss

So, I snuck out of town last week for a few days and flew back to DC to hang out with these two:

Image 1

Seeing Molly & Samantha again was a little bittersweet, although mostly sweet. But more about that later…

While I was away, Ryan assured me that the dogs were “acting funny” because I wasn’t there. Of course, I was convinced he was just saying that to make me feel loved (good man), as I’m sure that Beamer would not even notice that I was missing. Ryan even indulged my need to ‘talk’ to Lucy and put me on speaker phone with her, so I could listen to her thumping her tail at the sound of my voice.

I was only gone a few days, so you can imagine my delight when I was greeted by a stampede of dogs rushing to greet me at the door. Which was exactly the kind of greeting Ryan experienced at the airport, except it was me running at him in a frenzy…

Side by side, the pups made a beeline towards me at full speed. With tails wagging, they sniffed my boots and my bags, and my boots some more. Lucy danced around a bit and jumped on some toys before settling. And after Beamer couldn’t find my parents’ cats in any of my bags, he returned to his usual spot on the couch.

The excitement of my return was over.

We are in the habit of refraining from making a big fuss over our departures and arrivals, no matter how big or small. Even if they only make a little fuss when we come home, it’s still fun to watch them explode with excitement in their own funny ways. As for me, I was thrilled to see the pups after my trip, and even more thrilled when Beamer dished out some extra loving over the first few days I was back:

Image 3

Image 5

A few days more though and things returned to normal…Can’t let dad forget that he’s the favorite!

Image 6

I know I’m not the only one who has a hard time being away from my pack. What are some of the funny ways your pups greet you when you come home? Do they make a big fuss over your arrival or are they too cool to notice?


5 thoughts on “Big Fuss, Little Fuss

  1. Last year we did a 12 day motorcycle trip. Cricket was only 5 months at the time and went thru a major growth spurt while we were gone….I think I was more surprised to see her when we got back than vice versa!

    Last weekend we went away overnight. Apparently the end of the world for Doodlebug, who wouldn’t sleep in our bed when we got back and the next day alternated between crying and barking at me…little drama queen πŸ™‚

    For the most part they’re obviously happy to see us but settle down rather quickly.

  2. I was gone for two weeks last year and missed my hubby and our pups like crazy. Every night the hubby and I would skype and I’d make him show me the dogs and I would talk to them. (No, I’m not crazy, I’ve just never been gone that long before.) When I got home I got a huge greeting and loved it.

  3. Melvin and Jake greet me like they haven’t seen me in years, even if I just go out to the garage to get something and then come back in. It makes me feel so important (when really they probably just thought i went out there to get them food or something!).

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