Helicopter Mom

This morning I sat down to write a quick note to the dog-sitter with all the important info he might need for the week that Ryan and I go out of town. About a half hour later, I realized I’d not only penned a page-long essay, but had begun labeling the loft with dog-related reminders. Thank goodness no one else was home to see my craziness!

I have always referred to myself as a helicopter mom with the dogs, because I hover and am pretty much overprotective. In fact, I’m fairly certain that my parents are the only people in the world I have ever trusted to watch the dogs while I was out of town. I have even taken Lucy with me on day trips or vacations because I couldn’t deal with leaving her in someone else’s care.

This time we’ve arranged for family to stay at our loft and watch over the pups while we’re away. The dogs will have a familiar face and I will have the peace of mind that I can trust the dog-sitter. Still, for some reason I  feel compelled to share all the little details about their daily routine and strange quirks. Just to be safe, I tell myself.

All jokes aside though, I know that the dogs are being left in more than capable hands, and that I have nothing to worry about. So, I went ahead and removed the sticky notes and labels from around the loft (mostly because I would never hear the end of it if I didn’t).

But the long and detailed note remains!

I know I am not the only helicopter loving dog mom out there!


6 thoughts on “Helicopter Mom

  1. I am laughing hysterically (with you, not at you)! The ONLY difference between your notes and my notes are the paw print bullet point markers (and I’ll be stealing those)! And i leave stickies EVERYWHERE! Like on the poor dog walkers bedside table “don’t forget to tell the dogs I love them” or “did you remember to refill dog water bowl #47?”. Crazy welcomes you!!!!

  2. Your notes are awesome!

    My husband and I do motorcycle rides together, anywhere from a day up to last year’s 12 day Epic Adventure. We have five kids at home-the youngest is 13, the oldest is 20-who watch the dogs. And while I’m very confident in them I always leave a dog-care note, even if we’re gone for just a day 🙂

  3. No, you aren’t the only helicopter mom out there! I’m also one who leaves a long list of instructions for the lucky individual who gets to spend some quality time with Boomer and Dottie… even if we use a boarding facility they get a list.

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