Wordful Wednesday: Dog people

While out for an early morning walk today, I ran into Isla and her human. Isla is a teenage Labradoodle with an affinity for tennis balls. She and her mom were out for a morning game of fetch on the beach when I ran into them.

I stopped and chatted with Isla’s mom for a while. She shared stories about Isla and her predecessor, a white Labrador retriever named Chloe. I learned about Isla’s love for cat food, her compulsion to chase big trucks, and her adventures swimming in the ocean; and watched as Isla sat precisely along the edge of the waves, so as not to get too wet.

I’m not sure how long I stood there chatting with Isla’s mom and patting Isla on the back every time she trotted by. It was long enough for Isla to nestle onto my feet, albeit for a quick minute before the waves rolled in again. And long enough for me to lose track of time, talking dogs.

This was going to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but I really wanted to share the story behind the photo! Meeting Isla and her human was a great way to start my morning, and a wonderful reminder that no matter where I go I can always find a friend in another dog person.

Do you find yourself bonding with strangers over their four-legged furballs? What are some of the encounters you remember most?


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