Fast Forward to Friday

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We’ve come a long way (literally) since our last update from the sandy shores of Pensacola Beach. Here’s what we’ve been up to since then…

Upon returning from our beach adventure, Ryan and I were relieved to find Lucy and Beamer in good health and humor. As predicted, Ryan’s brother AKA the dog-sitter took excellent care of our precious pups. In fact, he must have put them through some sort of doggy bootcamp, because Beamer now has a waistline again! Don’t worry, the change wasn’t too drastic, just a noticeable improvement towards our healthy goal weight for the B.

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After checking on the dogs, Ryan and I dove headfirst into our next undertaking – moving into the new apartment. Our relaxing beach trip had ended with a quick flight to Washington, DC, followed by a thousand mile drive west to Kansas City in a bumpy, cramped Budget truck. Some of you may remember that Ryan helped Beamer, Lucy and I make the move to Kansas City back in February. Well, this second trip marked our final and official move to our new hometown. And I must say that Ryan was the champion of this painful yet comical road trip, as he drove the entire route himself. Does this pic look familiar to anyone?


Moving into the new apartment proved more complicated and frustrating than I had imagined. It took us a total of three rainy days to move everything out of the budget truck and the old loft in downtown KC. It was well worth the effort though, as the new apartment has brought about a few changes in our pack’s routine – the best of them being how often the dogs get to go outside everyday!

The new apartment is ground level and surrounded by green grass and wooded trails, so the pups get out more than twice as much as they used to. Our walks are a little easier on their old bones, since most of the trails are over even terrain. Not to mention, we have a small but functional balcony where Lucy and Beamer take turns sunbathing and catching the sights and sounds of the woods out back.


We have also started crating Lucy when we leave the apartment for extended periods of time, which has kept both dog and carpet safe in our absence. Lucy is not a fan of this new ritual, but is taking to it well. Beamer on the other hand has proven himself a regular Houdini. He has decided that there will be no crating for him! So we will have to figure out a better arrangement during thunderstorms (as that is the only time Beamer gets destructive in the apartment).

There is lots more to share with you all as we settle into our new den, but right now we are gearing up for a visit from the Ram Fam Grandparents next week. In the meantime, here’s wishing you a doggone carefree weekend!

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