A New View

As I mentioned in last week’s post, one of my favorite things about the new place is our balcony. Sure, the new balcony is itty bitty compared to the spacious balcony in the downtown loft, but the view is so much better!

Whereas our view used to overlook a parking lot and concrete building patrolled by a security guard, our new view overlooks a sliver of woods that hug our nature-friendly apartment building. Encounters with wildlife thus far include the curious songbird that nearly snuck in through our open door, and the face-off between this brazen deer and Lucy & Ryan.


Since being introduced to the new balcony, both pups can often be found outside taking in the sights, sounds, and smells. I am particularly excited for my lazy Lucy who loves lingering in the afternoon sun. And since the windows in the apartment measure from practically floor to ceiling, she can alternate indoors and outdoors most days.

photo 2-7

Even Beamer, who can’t actually see the new view, enjoys standing on the balcony and listening to the sound of the leaves ruffling, birds chirping and critters scrambling through the bushes.

photo 2-6

Although as you can see, he is just as quick to curl up on the dog bed…

photo 2-5

That is of course, only if Lucy lets him join in…

photo 4-1


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