Let’s Get Sirius!

I just had to share the pups’ new collars from Sirius Republic! Let me start by sharing that this has taken us months to figure out because although Lucy’s white fur makes her a blank slate, she is surprisingly difficult to shop for.

Unfortunately, the fabric print that Ryan and I eventually agreed on for L was listed as out of stock, but when I emailed the folks at Sirius, they were super quick to respond and restock the fabric. I love that! In the end, we went with a different print (pictured below) but I was still super impressed with their level of customer service.

We wanted something classic and girly for Lucy, so she got the Paisley Bloom print. Beamer on the other hand ended up with the Brauny man looking collar, otherwise known as the Woodsy print, because Ryan and I both agree that he is probably a country bumpkin at heart.

We also opted to have tags permanently fixed to their collars with our phone numbers on each. Not that we ever worry about Beamer getting too far without us, but we believe that every dog should have a tag with a contact number just in case!

So, there you have it – his and hers collars for his and hers dogs.

Image 10Happy Friday y’all!


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