Connoisseurs of Comfort

So, we finally moved our sofa to the new apartment! We didn’t bring it with us when we moved the majority of our belongings out of the old loft because we needed to keep the old place furnished for some visitors this month. Having the extra space in the new place was helpful during the first few days of living with boxes, but after a couple of weeks we were all ready for the sofa to make its way home!

In the sofa’s absence, dog naps looked a lot like this…

Lucy plop

And snuggles looked like this…

Beamer snuggleOf course, once the sofa arrived, our connoisseurs of comfort wasted no time making themselves at home. They staked their claims to the couch from left to right…

Sofa homecoming

And with the sofa back in our lives, there’s been a lot of relaxation…

sharing the sofa

And meditation…

Lucy Eyeroll

And whatever you call this

Lucy Deep Sleep

I guess for our couch surfers, there is just no place like the sofa!


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