When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Hard to believe that I first brought Beamer home to foster for Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation exactly two years ago today.

He was already eyeless, had already been given up a few times for no fault of his own, and he’d been growing on me since the moment we’d met a few months prior. This is what he looked like back then, posing his best “please will you adopt me” face:


As you can see, he is still a ham today:


Thinking back on that warm fall day in 2011, I remember feeling filled with unbridled determination to find Beamer the best forever home possible. I had plans to round out his manners, learn what his likes and dislikes were, and then show the world what an awesome dog he was. What I didn’t realize was that while I was busy planning, B would end up showing me a lot about life, love and hope. The biggest lesson being that things do NOT always go as planned.

Today Beamer is definitely a testament to that truth. Back when I was fostering him in 2011 his perfect adoption arrived way too soon (by Christmas that year) – far too early to say goodbye to the blind dog wonder. But on New Years day I completed my foster due diligence and dropped him off at his new home. Through teary eyes, I promised Beamer that I would always be there if he ever needed me again in life. But deep down I was certain that he was home for good.

Fast forward thirteen months, and Beamer was back at the rescue (again through no fault of his own or anyone else’s). He was a little older, a lot fatter, and even shakier than I remembered. But I didn’t care. I scooped him up anyways before moving to KC to join my fiancé. Fast forward another nine months and Beamer is curled up in the arms of his favorite human on earth, my husband, with my Lucy goose snoring nearby.


As I look back on all my big plans for Beamer, I can’t help but shake my head: I could not have planned things better myself.


Note to the reader: Although we took a sudden and unexpected break from blogging five months ago, we just couldn’t stay away from blogging about the incredible adventure that is life with Beamer the eyeless wonder dog (and the ever-timid Lucy goose). We’re looking forward to sharing more of our joys, frustrations and downright hilarious moments with these incredible rescue dogs.


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