Holiday Recap in Photos

The holidays just blew by us in this house and threw us right into 2014 full speed! I know we’re not the only ones.

So here is our photo recap…

B perched perfectly between (as usual) on our road trip up to family Thanksgiving


Lucy got in the turkey spirit!


Beamer started gearing up for the cold early this year


I convinced Ryan to let me splurge on handmade stockings for the dogs this year, meanwhile ours were 50 cents from Target


My Mama sent us this Christmas tree ornament, which included the dogs, to celebrate our first Christmas as a family


Beamer knew to park it close to the gifts under the Christmas tree at the grandparents’ house


Lucy & Beamer waited patiently while we opened Christmas gifts


Patience paid off as they received several giant elk antlers & stuffed animals from family & friends


Lucy was pleased with her new giraffe


We enjoyed one Spring-like day between Christmas & New Years, so we all squeezed onto the little balcony for sunbathing & reading


Then we quickly returned to cold weather & bundling up!


But the good news is that B is now back to a healthy weight & can fit into his winter coat


And I swear I saw the love between these two grow!


We are so lucky to have friends & family who understand my need to include the dogs in the holidays. The best part of this busy season was knowing that Lucy & Beamer were a part of the fun times. After all, dogs are family, right?

Here’s what’s up next in the new year for us: sorting out Lucy’s increasingly painful orthopedic problems with the vet. This is her I-don’t-need-to-go-to-the-vet face…



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